Austin Benoit ,The CEO, and Editor-in-Chief

Hi there! My name is Austin Benoit and I am the founder of I have been passionate about cooking since I was a kid – so when my family moved to Texas and got our first electric smoker, it quickly became a weekend tradition. From there, my love for outdoor cooking only grew.  In 2018, I decided to take my passion for cooking and create a blog about electric smoking. is all about bringing together the world of outdoor cooking with modern technology. We offer comprehensive reviews on various smokers, tips and tricks when it comes to electric smoking, and more. 

At, we pride ourselves on offering honest reviews on various electric smokers that cater to all types of budgets. We put each smoker through rigorous tests to ensure our readers are getting the best information possible. We also provide handy recipes so you can get started with your electric smoking adventures! From smoked beef brisket and pork shoulder to ribs, chicken, and more – you can find it all at the I am passionate about bringing the art of outdoor cooking to anyone and everyone interested. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker, I believe that has something for everyone! So feel free to take a look around and get into the world of electric smoking today. 

To ensure that our readers always have the latest information on electric smoking, we post regular updates to the blog. We also provide helpful guides and tutorials that can be used as references when getting started with your smoker. In addition to the website, I am also active in various online communities where I share my knowledge and experience with others. I’m also a regular contributor to various forums, where I answer questions from members who are just getting started with electric smoking. 

I believe that sharing my passion for outdoor cooking is an important part of what I do. At, we strive to provide the best advice possible so you can have the best experience when it comes to electric smoking. So if you’re looking for honest reviews, tips and tricks, or just want to learn more about electric smoking – you are in the right place! Welcome to I hope that you find something here that inspires your outdoor cooking adventures.